Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Connect With Me!

I absolutely love blogging. Writing about my experiences in law school and sharing them with all of you is something that has become extremely important to me. Everytime I have one of those moments where I say "I wish I would have known..." or "Every law student should know this!" I hurry to my blog to write a post. It's such a wonderful thing, to be able to share my life with others.

But the best part about blogging? It's connecting with everyone who reads my blog!

Every time I get an e-mail, or a comment, or one of you reaches out to me in some way - it legitimately warms my little heart. There is just something so wonderful about being able to talk with fellow law students, give advice to those coming after me, or getting advice from those who have gone before me. So what's the purpose of me saying all of this? Well, I want to connect with YOU! Yes, you. If you are reading this, I already consider you to be like a friend to me. After all, you're reading all about my life and my law school adventures, why wouldn't I want to connect with you more? So linked below are some of the ways that we can connect and get to know each other more:

E-Mail - caffeineandcasebriefs@gmail.com

So the majority of the people that e-mail me are the ones who have read my post on personal statements and are requesting a copy of my personal statement (which I will send out to anyone who wants it!). I love getting these e-mails, because you all often tell me a little about yourself. Another thing about e-mail that is great is that it is a very personal conversation, rather than just a follow or a read. My inbox is always open to everyone, so drop me a line at caffeineandcasebriefs@gmail.com and let's chat!


I'm betting a lot of you found my blog through Pinterest. It's a great site to find other law school bloggers - that's how I do it too. If you don't already, give me a follow on Pinterest. Not only do I post about my own blog, but I also pin a lot of other law school related pins, along with some stuff on general academics, adulting, and of course, food. Check it out and if you have some great law school boards - I'll probably follow you back. ( www.pinterest.com/cafandcase)


Honestly, I love Twitter. It's my favorite social media because it is quick, easy, and can be so anonymous if you want it to be. I'm not the greatest at tweeting on this account yet. But go give me a follow and I promise I will try. K, cool.


Bloglovin' is an awesome site where you can go to find blogs, follow blogs, and even read your favorite blogs directly through the site. It's an awesome way to not only keep in touch with your favorite blogs, but also to find new blogs that you might be interested. Bloglovin' will show you when your favorite bloggers post and it's a great way to keep up with all of your favorite internet friends!


I'll throw out a little disclaimer for this one, this is my personal Instagram. So while I do post some stuff about law school on here, you'll just tend to see more pictures of my life. However, I consider my readers my friends, and I'd be more than happy to share this piece of my life with you as well. So if you'd like, go ahead and give me a follow on Insta and see what I'm up to!

Where's the next place you would like to see me so we can connect? I'll get right on it! Of course, you can always leave me a comment and I'll reply here as well.

I look forward to connecting with you all!

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