About Me

Hey, friends!

My name is Bailey and once upon a time (or actually, August of 2016) I decided to go on the biggest adventure of my life and go to law school. I had ambitions of being a badass like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, but as soon as I got to law school I actually just cried a lot dyed my hair brown in a moment of panic. So as you can see, the joke was on me and I'm not Elle Woods after all. However, I still managed to enjoy school, get excellent grades, find a worthwhile internship, and blog a little bit about it along the way. Turns out, blogging in law school was one of my favorite activities. I recently graduated with my Juris Doctor and am currently studying for the July 2019 bar exam.

A little bit about me – I am mid-western girl born and raised on the plains, who moved out East in hopes of finding something more than cornfields and cow towns. Before law school, I got a degree in Political Science. I know what you're thinking. . . what is that good for? Turns out, it's not good for anything really. Except law school.

Law school has been nothing short of incredibe, but I managed to find some ups and downs along the way. Things were good when I made it into the top 15% of my class, but not as good when I was struggled with anxiety and homesickness in the middle of my first year. I made a lot of new friends, but I lost some old friends too. Some classes bored me to death, others inspired me. But no matter what happened, I made it through and I've become stronger, smarter, and a little better at a lot of things.

I am a lover of coffee, cats, and Cinderella (well, really all things Disney). You might think that I am obsessed with the color green. Sarcasm and witty humor are two languages that I am fluent in – however I am less than proficient in movie quotes and song-lyrics. I like to joke that I majored in Netflix and minored in procrastination in undergrad; although the procrastination part is so far from the truth. I am perpetually early to everything, and prioritizing is a strength of mine. Taking advantage of every opportunity is something I am passionate about, and I always look forward to finding new adventures.

Law school is my newest adventure, and I hope you enjoy learning about my adventure on this blog!

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