About Me

Hey, friends!

My name is Bailey and once upon a time (or actually, August of 2016) I pulled an Elle Woods (from Legally Blonde, if you didn't know) and decided I was going to go to law school. To be honest, I thought I was going to be a badass.  Turns out, as soon as I got to school, I actually just cried a lot dyed my hair brown in a moment of panic. After a rough adjustment period,  I still managed to enjoy school, get excellent grades, find a worthwhile internship, and blog a little bit about it along the way. Turns out, blogging in law school was one of my favorite activities. I graduated with my Juris Doctor in 2019, and passed the bar exam the following July. My first two years as a lawyer I spent working as a judicial clerk at the state appellate level. In August of 2021, I transitioned into private practice at a small firm, working primarily on transactional matters. Today, I am working on developing my career at that same firm. 

If you're wondering about me personally,  when I started this blog, my primary identity was "law student" and never knew much else aside from being a student with big ambitions.. Since leaving law school, aside from focusing on my career, I got married, bought a house, picked up a few pets along the way, and welcomed my first baby in August of 2022. Today, I am a wife, a mother, a homeowner, an animal lover, a lawyer, and so much more. 

As my life has evolved, I've often struggled to figure out where to take this blog that I started to share my law school journey. However, I am excited to see where the future takes me and my content, and I am so appreciative for everyone who chooses to follow along!

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