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It's my third official day of not using my college degree, and I'm already bored out of my mind. So what's a girl going to do? Well, she's going to start a blog.

Last fall I started my senior year of college with hopes and dreams of eventually going to law school. A busy fall semester ensued, filled with building my resume, gathering letters of recommendation, taking the dreaded LSAT, and filling out my law school applications. Then came the spring semester, waiting for acceptance letters and scholarship offers. And as the semester dwindled to the end, I had accepted a full-tuition scholarship at my second-choice law school. So last weekend, I got to walk across the stage as my name was called (with the wrong pronunciation, of course) and grab my degree, knowing that I could be confident in my future.

It's the beginning of May, and I have three months left before I start law school in August. I plan on relaxing this summer, preparing for the fall, and getting ready to start the next chapter of my life. I've decided to start a blog to keep me entertained and document my experiences - so let's see where this takes us!

A little about me to start out:

My name is Bailey. I'm 20 years old. I work part-time as a host in a restaurant currently; although I'll be quitting to move to attend law school in the fall. I have my B.S. in Political Science. I love the color green, coffee, cats, and everything Disney. I'm serious and hard-working, but I think I have an excellent sense of humor as well. Trashy reality TV is my favorite way to relax, and a horror movie and dinner out is my ideal way to hang out with friends. I had two internships in college: one was all fun and games at Walt Disney World, and the other was dry, boring, and awful as an advertising sales representative. Want to know more? Just ask me.

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