19 Days!

Hey, friends! So I know it's been a gazillion years (that's a technical term, haha) since I have posted and I want to apologize for my lack of attentiveness. But this summer I haven't had much to post about, simply because not a lot has happened. I've done my law school reading, turned in the forms my school has sent me, and answered countless questions from family and friends about my future, but honestly that's really about it. However, now I am only two and half weeks (19 days!) away from being a law student, so things are definitely going to start picking up here soon.


My law school has been really great about keeping in touch with me this summer. As many of you know from my earlier post about law school deposits, that it costs a lot of money to officially decide where to attend law school. However, because of this expensive commitment, once you hand over the cash, most schools assume that you plan on attending their institution and get the ball rolling on prepping you for school. Since those deposits have been submitted (and even before), it seems that my school has emailed me at least once every two weeks with updates on things like financial aid, forms I need to fill out, information about the school, etc. Not only that, but I've had a few questions and emailed back and forth with my admissions counselors. One great thing that my school had, and I think most schools have, is a Facebook page for their incoming J.D. class. Through that page I've found roommates, information on housing, got general questions answered, etc. It has been an excellent resource. I recommend looking for something like this just to familiarize yourself with some of your classmates or answer questions you didn't even know you had.

Summer Reading

I also posted a few weeks back about the light summer reading my law school sent me, which was actually a 250 page textbook. I've been slowly reading through that and it's basically a simple summary of the American legal system. As someone who just graduated with a degree in political science, this is pretty much review for me. However, I don't want to get lazy now so I am trying to keep up with my classmates by reading it anyway. Besides, it's a great way to occupy my time before school starts.

Administrative Tasks

I've also spent a lot of the summer doing some boring, administrative tasks for law school. This includes filling out forms, applying for loans, setting up my school email, closing my local bank accounts and applying for new ones close to my school, and several other things like that. Although none of this stuff is fun, it's good to get it now instead of waiting until school starts or right before. Being a new law student will be hard enough, I don't want to overwhelm myself with tedious things like financial consent forms or tech support.

Hopefully as we get even closer to school starting, I'll have more to post about. Until then, I'll see you soon!
- Bailey

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