Guys, in two weeks I will be at orientation and I will be an official law student. Can you believe it? I mean, I am sure you can because that is probably what you expected by clicking on my blog - but for me it seems absolutely unreal. Law school was a crazy pipe dream that I had when I panicked and changed my major during my freshman year of college, but now as I get closer every day, it is becoming my reality and I cannot believe it.

So with the big day approaching, here is what I am doing to prepare for the impending doom/excitement/new life situation:

1. Law School Summer Reading

I got a couple of summer recommended reading assignments this summer, and I am still trudging my way through it. It's long, but I am getting through it, and luckily it's mostly review.

2. Packing

This is kind of a "duh" item on my list, but I have to pack up my belongings and move them 1,200 miles away. Because packing sucks and I hate it, I have been trying to do a few boxes a week for the last few weeks. It's no fun, but it's necessary.

3. Getting My Car Fixed

Speaking of that 1,200 mile road trip coming up, I am trying to make sure my car is up to the task. I had some hail damage a few months back, so I am getting all of that fixed this week. Next week, it will be time for an oil change and tire rotation as final car preparation.

4. Spending Time With Friends/Family

Since I am moving so far away, I am trying to spend as much time as possible with everyone from home. Although this is going to get sad soon, because I am going to have to say a lot of goodbyes. This is the most bittersweet item on my list of things to do for sure.

5. Working

Law school is going to be expensive. Although my $11/hour hosting job at a restaurant will not even make a dent in the cost of my legal education, I figure every little bit helps. Plus, I work with my best friends, so it sort of doubles as item #4

6. Trying Not to Panic, Double Checking I Have Everything Ready, and Answering A Lot of Questions

My life is about to change dramatically. It is going to be intense, but I am excited. I am also really nervous. All I can do right now is make sure I have everything in order, like all of my paperwork filled out, lease agreement filed, school supplies purchased, etc. That, and answering the question "Are you excited?" at least 6 times per day.

If you're about to head to law school, I bet you are doing some of the same things I am. An adventure is about to begin. According to friends that I have that are already in law school, my life is about to become hell. We'll see what happens.

- Bailey.
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