The first year of law school! What a terrifying, beautiful adventure. It can be interesting, and questions might come up like "How do I study?" or "What are finals like?" So here is my collection of posts from my adventure of being a 1L (first-year law student).

*** Pro Tip: If you're a 0L wondering about things that happen before law school - like what to read, what to buy, where to live, or financial aid - check out my pre-law page HERE!

The Beginning of Law School

How to Study

1L Lifestyle

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  1. Starting in August and I'm super excited! I'm moving to Tennessee, and I'll also be documenting my experience on a blog, I'd love for you to check it out!

    1. Kayla, send me an email to caffeineandcasebriefs@gmail.com with your blog address, and I'll check it out!