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Moving Disaster!

Hey, friends! So here's a not-so-upbeat post about something that tried to screw up my plans to move to the city where I am attending law school. When I originally visited my law school in February, I also took the time to tour an apartment I was interested in. I really liked the apartment, and decided to sign a lease with them. Being a future lawyer, I took the time to read through the contract very carefully. However, I missed one small, yet important detail - the date.

The move-in date for my apartment was scheduled for five days after I was supposed to be at school for orientation. I immediately emailed the apartment and asked for an early move-in, and arranged for my law school to send a letter to the complex management explaining that I needed to be at school on August 15th. The apartment management assured me that they could do what they could to help me, and would let me know as soon as they made a decisions.

I didn't hear back from them for months. I emailed them about once a month for updates, only to be told to keep waiting. I finally heard back from them about a week ago - less than a month until school starts - that my request was denied. The law school I'm attending is in a fairly small town, so this left me and my roommates with a very short time to find a place to stay among limited options. We settled on an AirBnB rental that was moderately priced, but also moderately sketchy, that only cost us $300 each. So hopefully that doesn't turn out too awful. I'm not going to lie though, I am a little nervous about it, but it will have to work.

I'll update you when I actually get there. Send good vibes.

- Bailey
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