So I'm still in that crazy last few weeks before I head to law school, and I am doing as much as possible to prepare for my upcoming 1L year. Between buying school supplies, packing my belongings to move, trying to spend time with friends and family, and everything else I have to do, I am also trying to get my computer ready for the new school year.

Everyone that I know that has gone to law school recommends having a computer for law school To me, this seems pretty obvious - I would have gone crazy without my laptop in undergrad. I bought a new laptop for my last year of undergrad, and if anyone is looking for a laptop suggested, I am very pleased with the one I have. I purchased an HP Spectre x360, and it is an incredible student computer. It is lightweight, thin, bends into a tablet, and the battery lasts up to twelve hours. The battery was the biggest selling point for me - I commuted an hour to school in undergrad, so I often stayed there from about 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and not having to carry around a bulky laptop charger was such a blessing.

I want to make sure that my laptop is in good condition before I head to law school and rely on it more than I already do now, so here are 4 ways I am preparing my computer for law school:

1. System Updates

You know how sometimes, when you turn on your computer, it prompts you to update and then you press "Remind Me Later" every day for approximately eleven years? Well I decided to stop putting off those updates and actually update my computer. Who knows if this actually helps my computer run better - it's just one less button I have to press every time I restart my computer.

2. Software Updates/Downloads

Like most students, I rely on Microsoft Office for my schoolwork. The last license I had for Microsoft Office was from my undergrad university. While it was still working on my computer, I decided to update the software and download the newest version from my law school. This way, I can avoid the license expiring in the middle of studying for law school. Also check to see if your school requires any specific software that you need to download and get that taken care of now.

3. Setting Up My New School Email

A new university comes with a new email address. I set up my new email with Outlook on my computer and in the Mail app on my phone. Some of my professors are already emailing using this address, so it's nice to have it readily available on my computer instead of logging into the online portal every time.

*** BONUS: Also take the time to unsubscribe from all of the spam you get in your other inboxes. Like, I love getting emailed about good deals every now and then, but most of the time my inbox is clogged with junk mail.

4. Organizing Files, Purging Old Documents, and Freeing Up Memory

The most tedious thing that I am doing to get my computer ready is going through all of the files on my computer. I am sorting through my documents, photos, videos, etc. and getting rid of any of the irrelevant ones, organizing the so everything is easy to find and use, and freeing up memory space for all the new law school documents I will inevitably have. If you're coming straight from undergrad like me, this is probably extremely necessary. Trust me, you do not need that paper you wrote on Ebola sophomore year on your laptop anymore. Any documents that you are attached to, but don't want them floating around, upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, or some other online storage platform.

These things should all help make sure that my computer is law school ready for the semester starting in two weeks. I am also doing fun things, like updating my social media profiles, changing my desktop background, and of course, blogging. I am so glad I will be technologically ready for law school in less than two weeks!

- Bailey.
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