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Adulting, An Attempt

Adulting. It's hard. It's necessary. And we all pretend we can figure it out.

I am sure you are familiar with that victorious feeling you get when you successfully cook something for dinner other than macaroni (bonus points if it involves a vegetable), don't screw up the laundry, or manage to make a bank transaction without having to call your mom. These feelings are still somewhat new to me as well. But every day I try my hardest to be a better adult, whether it is trying to maintain a healthy sleep schedule or donating my old Lion King shirt so that people don't confuse me with the herds of eighth graders that seem to be everywhere.

For me, every little attempt at being a better adult counts. If you're looking for a few ways that you can improve your adulting game, here are some quick ideas you can try today to become a better adult:

Make Your Bed
Seriously, this is an excellent way to trick yourself into thinking you have your life together. I started making my bed every morning about 6 months ago. Since then, I have been better about keeping my bedroom clean, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule (aka not going back to bed at 9:00 AM), and keeping on top of my to-do lists. Having a made bed discourages you from crawling back under the covers and wasting the day away. Try it, make your bed.

Wash Your Face Every Night
I was blessed with clear skin throughout middle school and high school, when I got to college I started getting regular breakouts all over my face. While these breakouts seem to be mostly hormonal, some of it has to do with makeup and oil buildup on my face. Washing my face every night seems to help with the breakouts a little bit, that way all the gunk doesn't sit on my face until I shower in the morning. Also, I hear it's what adults do.

Find Your Favorite Vegetable
Listen, I know that your college schedule and lack of funds for a proper budget makes it difficult to eat well, but lay off the ramen noodles and pizza. Discover at least one vegetable that you love, and learn how to prepare it a few different ways. That way, if you're eating like crap, you have at least one dish that you love and don't feel about eating. For me, my vegetable is broccoli. I could eat it every day - and sometimes it feels like I do.

Go Through Your Closet and Donate Clothes You Don't Wear
When I was in high school and had my first job, I bought a ton of clothes with my paychecks all of the time. To be honest, that's where I spent most of my excess money in undergrad as well. My closet was overflowing with things I no longer wear. So I started going through my closet about once every three months, pulling clothes that I don't wear anymore out, and throwing them in donation bins. This de-cluttering makes me feel more organized, got rid of all of my clothes that don't fit, and is a great way to help others in need. This also frees up space to get a more adult wardrobe. I basically traded Mickey Mouse t-shirts for button-downs and blazers.

Update Your Resume
A lot of the young professionals that I know tell me that they update their resume once every six months. When you're young and new at adulting, there's a lot in your life that changes frequently. Take ten minutes, look over your resume, and make sure it's up to date. If you don't have a resume, consider writing one. You'll need it.

Clean Out Your Car
Nothing says teenager like a car full of empty water bottles, Target receipts, and random articles of clothing. I hate cleaning out my car as much as everyone else, but I love driving it without a bunch of stuff in it. One great way to do this is to clean out all of the clutter on the inside, and then go get your oil change at one of the car places that vacuums your car for you. That way, you get bonus points for staying on top of your vehicle maintenance.

Call Your Parents
This may seem a little backwards. After all, isn't adulting supposed to help you not need your parents as much? For the most part, yes. But one part of being an adult is prioritizing what is important and making time for those mean the most. So call your mom, let her know you are doing fine, and tell her you love her. She's probably worried about you anyway.

Trying to be an adult in this world is crazy difficult. But at least we can all figure it out together. What's your number one thing that makes you feel like an adult?

- Bailey.
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