This week marks week seven out of eighteen for this semester. The semester isn't new anymore. Finals aren't imminent quite yet. Thus, we have hit the middle of the semester and everyone is definitely hitting a mid-semester slump. It's the point in the semester where I have started to notice more empty seats in classes, notes are looking a little less thorough, and people spend less time in the library studying. Thus, we have all settled into the semester.

In some ways, the fact that we are hitting this slump is a good sign. It means all of us 1Ls aren't totally and utterly lost anymore. There are definitely echoes of comfort in our laziness. The first few weeks, everyone was motivated by fear and nervousness, and desire to succeed. Now, we have all sort of figured out how to be law students and the threat isn't as scary.

However, this is mostly bad. The month of September has flown by. I have been a law student for over a month. I have written more case briefs than I can count. My caffeine consumption is through the roof. And I finally feel like an actual law student. But that means October and November will fly by quickly too - which essentially means finals are just around the corner.

It's not good to let yourself get lazy as a law student. There aren't tests or quizzes throughout the semester to help keep you on track. Professors will not remind you to keep up with your reading. And you definitely won't outline or study for finals if you aren't on the right track for classes in general. So make sure you don't fall to the laziness of the mid-semester slump.

To help you stay on track, find something to motivate you. I have a trip home planned in two weeks. I am trying to stay on track so I don't have to worry about school when I am visiting my family and friends. Maybe you want to reward yourself at the end of the week with a night out or a movie night with your friends. Tell yourself if you study a little extra in the library, you can grab Starbucks on the way home. And last but not least, remember that the most important thing your 1L year is your grades - so just do it!

I hope everyone is staying motivated and good luck to you all!
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